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You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like mlp.

Stranger: Hello

You: helllo, my name is twilight sparkle

You: whats yours?

Stranger: My name is Michael.

Stranger: O.o

You: well, micheal… im hear toclarify a few things

Stranger: You mean, “here?

Stranger: Also

You: this video is false!

Stranger: Is it?

Stranger: What is the video?

You: i swear its a false vid

You: O)_(O

You: Rainbow found it…

Stranger: It appears to be an animation of you jerking your horn.

You: :(

You: its fake! i swear!!!

You: oh no oh no oh no!

Stranger: Ok…


Stranger: Having fun, anon?


Stranger: …?

You: nerver mind -_-

You: so…

You: hows the weather…?

You: no wait

You: better topic…

Stranger: …

You: do you have any tips for flying?

You: im not used to my wings yet.

Stranger: Flap them.

You: i know that

You: how do i control my trajectory?

Stranger: I recommend going to your friend who is well versed in the ways of flying.

You: Pinkie pie?

Stranger: Not quite.

You: she has a candy coptor

Stranger: I mean Big Macintosh.

Stranger: God.

You: oh

You: that makes much more sense

Stranger: Can we engage is sexual actions?

You: O_O

Stranger: A-HA!

Stranger: You are a fake!

You: well… technically yes. but i’d rather not.

Stranger: We all know the real Twilight would’ve answered with “I never leave home without my book on home decorating.

You: for one, im a princess and my duties are far too time consuming for child care

You: second, who in the hay are you?

You: third, What species are you?

Stranger: A being from the dark reaches of the planet.

You: fourth, i dont want to.

You: fifth, Rainbow dash exists!

You: ;)

Stranger: She does not.

Stranger: Well.

Stranger: She does.

Stranger: Her consciousness, however, does not.

You: also

You: a plain and simple answer…

You: there are so many ways i could say this…

You: no, never, not in a million years, no way jose, no chance lance. oh! and my personal favourite… colt falling off of a cliff: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…

You: ah ah ah

Stranger: How simple.

You: splat

Stranger: Also, good to know you find the death of innocent colts funny.

Stranger: How becoming of you.

You: well

You: im the t to the w to the i-l-i-g-h-t

You: ain’t no other filly troll it down like me

You: im twilicious!

Stranger: ”troll it down like me

Stranger: If that made sense…

You: you wouldn’t have said that, would you?

Stranger: A factual question.

You: wrong!

You: its a question, how can it be an answerÉ

Stranger: I didn’t say it was an answer.

You: a factual statment.

Stranger: So you are wrong once again.

Stranger: How unsurprising.

You: Rarity, I know thats you!
get back to making my dress.

Stranger: I am not Rarity.


Stranger: You and Rarity might be. You and I, however, are not.


You: GET


You: TO


You: NOW

You: NOW!!!

You: oh im so sorry i yelled at you!

You: pleae forgive me!

You: D:

Stranger: A falsehood, perpetrated by a delusional unicorn obsessed with the magic that poisons Equestria.

You: discord!?

Stranger: No. I’m referring to magic. It is a poison.

You: no, i mean…. are you him?

Stranger: I am not.

You: i love how you are settling into the internet Discord.

Stranger: Another falsehood.

You: its perfectly fine to cause chaos online =3

Stranger: I am not Discord. Cease your baseless and unfounded attempts to identify me as one of your acquaintances.

You: Who are you, then?

Stranger: Who I am is of no concern. The message I bring, however, is.

You: ._.

You: o__o

You: O____O

Stranger: What is the issue, Twilight?

You: the message

You: what is it

Stranger: That the reign of magic must come to an end.

Stranger: It has weakened Equestria.

Stranger: Severely.

You: is that why discord was set free?

Stranger: No.



Stranger: Let me explain.

Stranger: Tell me

You: ?

Stranger: How was Discord able to take over? How was Nightmare Moon able to take over? How was Sombra able to take over?

Stranger: Because the ponies if Equestria relied on their magics to save them. But they couldn’t.

You: m-m-magic…

Stranger: And without them

You: i…is…

Stranger: No.

Stranger: It may give you false hope

Stranger: And a sense of joy

You: ¸wh…what…..what….

Stranger: But it will be your end

Stranger: One day

You: no…no…NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

You: NO

You: NO

You: NO



Stranger: Your “Elements” won’t be able to save you.

Stranger: And then what?

Stranger: Exactly.

Stranger: The dependency you all hold will be your end.

You: no…

You: how…

You: it cant be

Stranger: Surely you must realize it by now.

Stranger: My argument is sound. It is wholly true.

You: but, unlike hydrogen… magic is infinite! :D

Stranger: Apparently it’s infiniteness isn’t going to save anyone.

You: celestia used them all before, she will do it again, neighsayer!

Stranger: Like when she stopped Chysalis?

Stranger: Hmm?

Stranger: Oh, wait

Stranger: Nope.

You: friendship never ends

You: and friendship

You: is magic.

You: see you in hell.

You: ;)

Stranger: My, my, my.

Stranger: How the mighty have fallen.

You: grrrr

You: just… who… are you?

Stranger: Getting angry? Oooh, use your “infinite magic” to stop me.

Stranger: I am someone from a land you’ve been to.

Stranger: But that isn’t important.

You: sunset shimmer!

You: so you have returned?

Stranger: I am not her.

Stranger: You blind idiot.

You: D:

You: you are impossible

Stranger: Am I? Explain.

You: i… i cant…

You: you’re right… the end… is coming

You: i shall cherish my magic while it lasts!

Stranger: It doesn’t have to end.

You: what do you mean?

Stranger: Equestria must be made strong.

You: but how?

You: HOW!?

Stranger: Physical strength.

Stranger: Not magic.

You: I know who you are…

Stranger: You don’t.

You: somepony you mentioned before…

You: heh heh heh

Stranger: You think I’m Big Macintosh?

Stranger: What a joke.

Stranger: You fail again.


Stranger: You’re a sham, Sparkle.

You: no…

You: when times are their darkest… a spark will light the way…

You: a spark will light the way…

You: a spark…

Stranger: Hopefully the spark won’t lead Equestria to magic.

You: a sparkle…

You: there is one spell…

You: it should do the trick…

You: but it will not be undone… ever…

Stranger: Another spell? Sure, this’ll save us.

Stranger: You’ll Twilight.

Stranger: I’ll make sure of that.

You: you already have…

Stranger: Excellent.

Stranger: And in your future endeavors.

You: wait…

You: did you say im a sham?

Stranger: I did.

You: Sham…

You: Shamrock…

Stranger: Oh goodness..

You: how did you know

Stranger: Enough of you.

You: how did you know my steam account?

Stranger: I grow tired of your insufferableness.

Stranger: Tell me, Twilight.

Stranger: Why are you so naïve?

You: I dont know…

Stranger: What a shocker.

You: why are YOU so naïve?

Stranger: I am not.

Stranger: Why do you “think” I am?

You: do you know what i am?

You: i am what you fear, mortal

You: i… am… i AM magic!

Stranger: Please.

Stranger: You aren’t. You are a fool who is devoted to a lie.

You: you are devoted to a truth, then?

Stranger: Not “a” truth. THE truth.

You: A-HA!

You: How are things on the farm…


Stranger: …

Stranger: Again?

Stranger: My.

Stranger: Don’t you tire of being wrong?

You: I strive for justice… FOR ALL!!!

You: what are your plans?

Stranger: And how will you enforce this “justice?” Magic? We know how well that’s worked in the past.

Stranger: My plans are mine to know.

You: magic worked perfectly..

Stranger: Not really. Especially not the first time.

Stranger: What? No rebuttal?

You: like i sadie, I am magic. I am your demise I am unstoppable… I am… a God!

You: er

You: goddes

Stranger: ”Sadie

Stranger: Excellent spelling.

You: no you

Stranger: ”Goddes”

Stranger: Good job.

Stranger: What’s the matter

Stranger: Hmm?

Stranger: You angry that the basis of all you know is being demolished in front of you?

Stranger: I would think so.

You: I…

You: I…

Stranger: You?

You: mother of god…

Stranger: Oh, do tell.

You: i must prepare…

You: for the next chapter!

Stranger: …

You: be seeing you, mysterious one.

You: or shall i say…

Stranger: Not really.

Stranger: Good god.

Stranger: You don’t stop, do you?

You: Brony number five hundredthirty six.

Ah,the Flufflepuffling in it’s natural habitat

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